TADA Films is a new video production team specializing that is all about remote controlled helicopter cameras. With 20 years of cumulative experience in the Vancouver film industry, TADA Films’ skilled and creative minds deliver results which are innovative and fresh. Using our remote controlled helicopter cameras, we shoot unique shots unattainable with conventional methods.  Cliffs, fields, bridges, alleys, piers — all good! Our in-house designed GoPro chase copters enable us to follow moving subjects through tight areas.  In a complementary fashion, we use a GPS stabilized Octacopter to track the action from high angles and over rough terrain.  This copter carries a Canon 5D Mark III or a RED Epic on a stabilized 3-axis remote head.  Our rigs transmit live HD video to the pilot, camera operator and video village.  Set up is fast and we can position a camera in spots difficult for dollies, steady cams or cranes. TADA Films Inc. carries the requisite insurance to carry out remote controlled helicopter cameras and our commercial flights are approved by Transport Canada.  Flight plans must be filed two days prior to shooting.  Transport Canada regulations limit our operations to an altitude of  120 m. TADA Films is all about getting the content you need! all about remote controlled helicopter camera Photo By Jia Condor.